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The Hilt Reunion for 2017
is cancelledHilt_Reunion.html

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To our Hilt Family

A number of factors have contributed to the cancellation. The Klamath River Estates is no longer available to us. There are few other venues available unless we go indoors. To do so, we would need to book much further ahead.

We will look into the Best Western Motel in Yreka which has a nice indoor facility and if appropriate will consider it for 2018 (our 45th year of reunions).

To have it in Hilt at the church, we would have to rent a large event tent with all the accessories (e.g., tables, chairs, etc) and find a flat place nearby to accommodate it and the portable facilities. Food would have to be catered. In either of these two cases, more funds may need to be made available.

We will use this year’s hiatus to organize a reunion for next year. We will need more volunteers to handle the various aspects, so send your willingness to help to Jerry Lehman. We also need to consider what we will be doing going forward. We are 45 years since 1973 and so must be thinking about how many folks are left who remember Hilt, its school, and the mill.

Looking forward to seeing you next year. Please pass this news on to others who may not have received this notice.